Friend Me!

So for my practicum project am working on social networking sites (or SNS as they are affectionately known). I chose three different sites that I thought showed different aspects to social networking.

The first site that I joined was Google +. I actually had a Google + account from a few months ago that I activated when someone invited me to join but I had nothing on it. It is interesting to me that I had to be invited to join. Just recently have people 18+ been able to join without an invitation. It is interesting because  it seem like there are some similarities with the exclusivity that Google + has with how Facebook started. I think that their hope is to be the new Facebook….but I don’t think its going to happen unless a lot more people start using it. That’s the main problem with the site right now. I think that some of the features are super cool and the fact that you are connected to all other Google accounts when you are logged in is awesome. the problem is that no one really uses that site. I have almost no friends so it is difficult to interact or “socially network” with other people.

Here is a link to my Google + profile.

The next site I joined is LinkedIn. This definitely has a more professional feel to it. I was easily able to find connections and it was interesting because I was able to connect with people that aren’t my peers. For example, I made a connection with my boss. I think that the idea behind this site is a really good idea  and it just shows how much social networking sites have a place in the working world too.

Here is a link to my LinkedIn profile.

The final networking site that I joined is 43 things. This is the most unique of the sites that I joined. The concept behind it is that you post list life goals that you have and connect to other people with similar goals to yourself. You can write entries about your progress on your goals and cheer other people on . Its a pretty feel-good site.

Here is a link to my 43  Things profile.

So I’m pretty excited to get to know how to use these site better and get a little networking done along the way!

A question to consider for my presentation would be :

Multiple theories suggest that people construct an identity online that may be different than how they are in ‘real life.’ Do you think that this  ‘virtual’ self can have an effect and alter the ‘real life’ identity of a person?


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