Chatting with my Senior friends

Today i decided to look at a few more senior chat rooms to see how different users interact with each other. I went to one site, which I hadn’t been to yet before. This one creeped me out way more than the other sites I had been too and i got a feeling that most of them were not senior citizens. I got an individual chat invitation almost everyone 30 seconds. This site also included video as an option so I was not very comfortable there. A couple of the people were talking about ‘bondage’ so at that point i left. In the other chat rooms I have been to its mostly a chat about everyday life and people only seem to individually chat if they know each other. In this one i got invitations from random people who didnt even say hello.  I decided to head back to senior site. Joyoflife, my friends from before was not in the chat but i met a few other people. Vertigo was a user that was comfortable with my age and happy to answer my questions. A couple of other users remembered me from the week before and were very welcoming. Just like before they answered my questions and even gave up information I wasnt asking like where there from and how long they have been chatting. I think this chat room has been the nicest ive visited and im comfortable being honest about my intentions in the chat. Last time a couple of the users had a problem with my age, but this time everyone was very welcoming and answered whatever i asked. Ive noticed that most of the users just come in to chat about anything going on in their day. They interact with each other and are very friendly and kind. We spoke about joyoflife and how she is so friendly and sweet and i definitely felt more like a participant in the chat than i did last week. I still feel a bit awkward asking them personal questions but i think the more I come back the more comfortable  I will feel. Im pretty sure a lot of them have lost their spouses and come in the chat rooms just for company. So far thats what I have gathered from my research.


One Comment on “Chatting with my Senior friends”

  1. Eddie Rath says:

    I agree that the topic of ‘bondage’ is rather strange to be discussing in a senior chat-room. I also find it interesting that some senior chatters are deterred by your age while others are welcoming. I wonder if different chat rooms tailor to different attitudes for seniors, or what it is that makes you feel welcome/unwelcome? You also pose a good question at the end of your post. Why is it that seniors come to these sites? For company? Entertainment? I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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