Why do Foursquare?!

I’m going to simply write about my experience with Foursquare on this blog post.

If you don’t know what Foursquare is, Wikipedia and Foursquare 101 can help you.

When we signed up for projects, I wrote down my name for the ones I use or I like. Foursquare was neither. Not only I did not use Foursquare, but also I hated it. I thought people who use this are just a bunch of cocky jacks who want to Publicize where they are, what they are doing. (I hope I am not offending anyone….well I use it now.)

To borrow this writer’s words from Gawker.com,

The mobile phone fad Foursquare is about to hit 1 million users. But while early adopters have signed on to play their little games, it’s just another narcissistic assault on decent society by urban-dwelling iPhone users.

I rarely share my personal info in the Internet. My facebook status updates are rather silly and meaningless. I use twitter for job related matters. My online profiles are rather ambiguous and weird.

Yet, I decided to use foursquare and check in and have all my facebook friends and twitter followers see my current location, whether or not they want to. It could have been more interesting if I started using it last year when I was in Seoul, the city of 10 Million, full of awesome restaurants, bars, galleries, and so on. Here back in Madison, I only go to my favorite coffee shops, several restaurants and libraries. I didn’t want people to know how boring my college life is. But I made up my mind to stick to it. I tried to check-in wherever I went. Some of my friends shared the same sentiment about Foursquare so they were surprised to see me doing it (very diligently.)

So why do Foursquare?

Announcement – Since Foursquare is all connected to my Facebook and Twitter, Foursquare check-in almost serves as my Facebook status update or new tweet. I can tell people where I am and what I am up to by checking-in.

Game- Foursquare definitely has some game like elements. Each time I check in I earn score depending on how many people have check-ined, whether I am new to the location, whether the place is new, or how many times I check-in that place. Besides the scoring, I can earn mayorship. To earn mayorship, I have to constantly check-in the same place a lot. Otherwise, a couple days later, another person could be the mayor. Badge is another thing I can get. Since I am new to Foursquare, I eared Newbie badge.

Prize – Some business places offer coupon or special deals for foursquare users who check-in. This is an example from the Barriques.

Actually a few friends followed my Foursquare check-ins through their facebook and found me sitting in Memorial Library yesterday. Also, some people on Foursquare friend requested me. I am planning on meeting people who checked -in to the same place with me at the same time. I want to interview the person about his experience with Foursquare.

Tips-People write tips about locations they check-in. When I checked in to Sunroom Café, I made a comment about how delicious their veggie grill sandwich was. Foursquare is almost like simple mini Yelp!

Record-As I got into Foursquare more, I even uploaded pictures when I checked-in. My record of check-ins and the pictures show the footpath my daily life.  

I think those are the reasons for people who do Foursquare.

I can’t say I become to like its service. But it is sort of fun to do it especially I owna smartphone. Even I am curious if I become obsessed with Foursquare by end of the semester.

In my future blog posts, topics will be related to why I hate or hated foursquare: privacy and foursquare, pretentiousness and foursquare, mayorship and foursquare, business and foursquare etc.


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