Online Gaming- Words With Friends

For my Practicum project, I am doing Online Gaming consoles. I am required to play an online game that interacts with people in our social environment. I chose to play the new and increasingly popular game “Words With Friends” that came about from the Apple App store. It has now grown to other devices as well as Facebook games. Many compare this game to a more complex and competitive version of scrabble. When I first started to play the game, I wondered how this scrabble game could be so addicting. Not only is it about your vocabulary but also about strategy. Each letter has its own number value that is added to your score when you play a word. There are also four different types of “bonus points”. There is double letter (DL), triple letter (TL), double word (DW), and triple word (TW). All these spots are placed in a diamond shape all over the board so the objective is to get the higher letters on those tiles (picture to the left). Depending on how you place each word you play, one can get an extremely high score. It is all about your word/tile placements in this game, rather than just playing regular scrabble. This is why it is a more competitive version of scrabble.
When I first started playing, I did not understand the concept of trying to place the tiles on those spots in order to get a higher score. I was extremely bad and lost most of my games until I started to figure out my own strategy (picture to the right shows my stair strategy).

I also did not realize that if you have nothing to play you can swap tiles or pass your turn. This is an online game that lets you connect with people by their username for Iphones/Ipods/Ipads, by email for any of those devices as well, by Facebook for anyone who is playing on those devices or Facebook and by just clicking a random opponent and it will randomly assign you to someone. I have been playing people through all four of those options and it is interesting to see and learn from each [player I play. Generally the random opponents or my constant games are the best at it and the Facebook users are not as good. The Facebook app became available recently which is why I think people who play through Facebook are not as good yet. You are also able to accept or decline any game if you want to play it or not.


Words With Friends is an interesting way to use an online game to connect with different community.


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