My Second Life Addiction

Second Life has allowed me to explore Countries and Cities that I want to visit. Most of the cities I have virtually gone to are ones that I have not had the opportunity to visit. I also have gone on many historical journeys and visited various monuments and other historical architecture. When I first watched the Introduction video on Second Life, I knew I would be able to explore but not to the extent I have. I truly have been utilizing Second Life to see places all around the world. Under the “Destinations” tab in the game, there is a category called “Real.” Here, there are seventy real desitnations rangling from Australia, to the Eiffel Tower, To New York City. In Second Life Alone, I have visited twenty different Cities and Countries. I have been able to go to many places such as China, Africa, and Israel and have seen Big Ben, St. Louis Arch, Mount Rushmore, and others. Before I choose where I want to go, I can see how many people are already exploring this place and a description about what it has to offer.



Last semester I studied in Rome and saw the Sistine Chapel three times while I was there. The Sistine Chapel is a place I was able to visit in my virtual world. I was interested to see if the virtual Sistine Chapel resembled the real one. The description read, “From the students at Vassar College comes this stunning and accurate-to-scale recreation of The Sistine Chapel. This build demonstrates how virtual reality can be used to learn about architecture, as well as offering a place to admire the historic and beautiful artwork with the crowds.” Outside of the Sistine Chapel, there is a sign that says, “Are you using the Sistine Chapel in a Course? If so let us know!” This virtual Sistine Chapel greatly resembles the actual Sistine Chapel. Other virtual historical monuments also resembled their real counter-parts. Students who need to write about a monument for a course have the opportunity to see it through Second Life. Not only do students benefit from these virtual cities and monuments, but also it gives people, in general, the opportunities to see and learn about the architecture without actually visiting it. Although it is obviously better to see the actual monument, this virtual world gives people the opportunity to explore minus the cost and time.






With everything that Second Life has to offer, it is inevitable that people become addicted to this game. Some people love to travel, and Second Life provides a cheap and easy way for people to travel around the world. Although the virtual city does not compare to visiting the real city, they do, however, provide an alternative. I am not addicted to Second Life. I honestly do not understand enough about the game to even become an avid player. I do however, love that I can visit and see cities and countries that I have wanted to see. I love to travel and Second Life does give me the opportunity to do this without the plane ticket.

Question for class: What other parts of Second Life do you find could be addicting?


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