Becoming a Senior citizen online

I started my research today on Senior Citizens and their involvement with the internet. I googled a few online communities and i found one online chat room on I wasnt sure at first if i wanted to just be quiet and watch thier conversation or join in myself. I got called out by some of the fellow chatroom goers asking why I was so quiet. I wrote that i was a college student doing a project and some were not so welcoming. One woman told me it was a senior chat and not for 21 year olds, but one woman offered to help me out and was very kind. I asked them theryre aged raning from 65 to 80 and they all announced their number of kids/grandkids when introducing themselves. When i entered the chat they were discussing illness, disease and loss of spouses which made it clear many of the people come here for support and someone to talk to. They were all very interested in hearing about the other peoples lives and i think most of them use the internet as a way of meeting new people and not feeling lonely. A lot said they have kids who are already married so The user who answered my questions and helped me the most was a woman whos username was ‘joyoflife’ she told me it was because her kids are the of her life and her middle name is joy. Some of them have been coming into the chat room for 8 years and joyoflife told me “lily some of us have met in person,  its like family after while.” She has been to over 6 “chat bashes” all over the country where they meet and get together, she told me shes not nervous about the people she meets but there are some ‘bad apples.’ I was very impressed with the users, they used all the lingo “wb:welcome back” “yw: your welcome” and more, one of the ladies annoucned she wasnt responding because she was texting, and that she does whatever her grand kids teach her. i failed to teach my own grandmother how to email so to hear that most of them have facebook and use the internet to search was very impressive. Joyoflife told me she uses it mostly to search and she had been in the chatroom since 2004. I hope to go back in this particular chat since joyoflife was very welcoming and helpful. They all greeted new people and said goodbye when someone left and told me most of them are in the chatroom daily. One user, Lola, however was not happy about me being 21 and in the chat. I will look forward to trying to win her over as i continue my research. This screen was taken when i went back in to take a picture of the chatroom, I had announced i was leaving so they all were welcoming me back. 


One Comment on “Becoming a Senior citizen online”

  1. bugjun says:

    I’d be interested to see you winning over Lora. I think I would be not happy either if I were a senior doing senior chatting and this 21-year-old come and observe my conversation. I think people might respond to you if you don’t tell them your age. I know we are not supposed to pretend to be someone but if you don’t tell them right away the conversation topic coule be different from what you observed this time. look forward to read your next post 🙂

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