World of Warcraft: Lok’tar ogar!

Hey All. So I started my World of Warcraft (WoW) account this week, and I’m reluctant to say it, but I’m already addicted. Let me start with the basics of what I had to do to get set up.

Before I can actually start playing as a Night Elf rogue or Dwarf Paladin, it is necessary to choose a realm to play in. A realm can be likened to a server, and there are multiple realms which have different attributes which are geared toward player preference. For instance, there are English-only and Spanish-only realms, realms for noobs (new players), and realms for experienced and hardcore players. I chose a realm for noobs.

After I choose a realm, I next choose an alignment: Alliance or Horde. The Alliance and Horde are the two conflicting groups in the world of Azeroth, the region of land in which the game takes place. The backstory is that the Alliance and Horde have been fighting on and off for eons, sworn enemies since the beginning of time. Specifically, the Alliance consists of humans, night elfs, dwarves, gnomes, worgen (wearwolves), and dranei (merpeople), while the Horde is comprised of orcs, trolls, tauren (bison-like humanoids), the forsaken (undead), blood elves, and goblins.

After choosing my alignment and race, I proceed to choose my class (warrior, druid, priest, warlock, rogue, etc), and I chose to be an orc warlock. Here is a screenshot of me (Commarts) at level 1 before I started any quests.



As you can see, I am dancing with a “training dummy” with my pet demon beside me. It will be fun to see how my avatar changes as I level up.

Lok’tar ogar! That is Orcish for “Victory or Death,” the traditional orc war-cry. As I continue to play as an orc warlock I will learn the spells of the underworld as well as the orcish and forsaken languages.

I find it interesting that a player must spend so much time creating an identity before he/she can begin questing! This identity is constructed through alignment, race, and class, each having a different history and advantages on the battlefield. By providing all of these options, WoW does a really good job of making a player feel important in the world of Azeroth, which is most likely why I am already addicted! As an orc warlock, it is my duty to help guard the land of Kalimdor and the home city Orgrimmar.


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