Obsessing Over Second Life

On secondlife.com a tab concentrates on the community of this virtual world. Here, there are forums, blogs, answers to questions, and events. I started reading up on some of the blogs, which were posted by both the creators of Second Life and people who play. I quickly came to realize that people are obsessed over this game. The blog post I focused on was “Your Second Life Evolution,” which shows how people have adapted their avatars since first signing up for Second Life (http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Featured-News/Your-Second-Life-Evolution/bc-p/1133263#M7175). Many people invest a great amount of time into their avatars and their virtual lives. In class we were introduced to an avid Second Life participant, Amy from True Life: I Have Another Life on the Web. After Googling this episode, I came across a website that spoke about her experience on Second Life (http://remotecontrol.mtv.com/2008/05/29/mtvs-true-life-takes-a-look-at-second-life/). Amy was completely involved in her virtual world. Ben Rosen, the producer of this True Life episode, explained that Second Life houses a lot of people obsessed with their “other lives” in this virtual world. He says “Second Life has given rise to an amazing number of interesting social structures, modes of behavior, cultures and fantasies” (Remotecontrol.mtv.com). With its own currency, job opportunities, and shopping options, Second Life allows for endless possibilities for avatars and endless opportunities for the people playing on Second Life. Rosen explains that, “so many people in SL are living out fantasies and dreams that are unattainable in their real lives” (Remotecontrol.mtv.com). People create any life that they want and vicariously live out these fantasies through their avatars.


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