I have never done chatroulette before, and after tonight I doubt I every will again. My title is a bit misleading, for I actually didn’t come across any dicks thanks to the “no nudity” setting I switched to. I did meet a few pricks though. Most simply insulted my appearance, gave me the finger, or questioned my sexuality then clicked next. I got a few bizarre alien/pig/Lion King with Benny Hill music cams, along with ads for sexroullette. The two semi-decent conversations I had were awkward and felt pointless, and that’s generally what the entire experience was. Awkward and pointless. It may be possible to meet people of worth on this site, but the vast majority are just horny, lonly dudes being creepy. Not what I’d call a good time.

As for if it’s a danger to children, yes and no. It’s possible for a child to get into contact with some creep and see things they shouldn’t see. It’s also possible for said minor to give out too much personal info and thus endanger themselves. The easy access to chatroullette make all of this possible. Now, is it probable? Eh, I don’t know. For one thing, you need to have and know how to use both a mic and a camera. It’s also a website not easily stumbled upon when surfing the web, so you have a basic knowledge of the site before you go onto it. All of that together leads me to think it’s not that big of a danger to kids. It’s apparent where the moral panic would come from, but ultimately it’s just a boring and pointless website.


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