Having never visited the site before, I would say that Chatroulette lived up to all previous info I heard about it.  While home this weekend, I was helping my mom set up her new desktop, and decided to just spend my 5 minutes on the site then and there… that was a mistake.

With no gate or enforcer, the site is basically a “free for all”, and honestly quite scary.  After seeing vulgar images (mainly of men might I add) I decided to research the sites origins.  I found it was invented by a teen in Russia (perhaps this explains the perverted nature) and that the site actually has 3 settings options: one being under 18 and or no nudity shown, another being over 18 and ok with seeing nudity, and the last being over 18, ok with seeing nudity and perhaps being nude too.

I am not sure how the site regulates those options, but based on what I saw, which was the under 18 and no nudity setting (default setting), no one was following those rules.  I really hope that the inventors intentions were something other than what Chatroulette has become, but I honestly cant see how anyone could think this wouldnt happen.  Its sad that the world has come to this, and uses the internet and this site as an arena for perverted people to gather and act repulsively.  This fully embodies the idea of moral panic as discussed in lecture this week- this site is a parents worst nightmare!

Because the internet and this site in particular are free with no boundaries, parents need to enforce internet rules for their young children, and provide positive, healthy structures for when interacting with the internet.


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