Chat Roulette

My previous experiences with Chat Roulette have been using it as a joke while hanging out with friends. I have fun joking around about how crazy it is in this setting. However, doing it alone was somewhat scary. I believe that moral and technopanics surrounding technology have had a longstanding tradition in our society, and that most of them are bogus. However, I do believe that chat roulette  is a little frightening! While it most certainly does not deserve media coverage, public outcry, etc., it should require a little more decency. The fact that you can see nudity online, talk to strangers, and scroll through tons of people by yourself for free is out of control. I would be worried for my child if I knew they were participating in Chat Roulette because they would see things they shouldn’t, but I don’t think it would corrupt them to the point of craze.


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