I decided to check out Chatroulette because I have never been on the site before and I was interested to see what it was all about. Here’s what I was expecting. Penises. Creepy men. Annnnd that’s pretty much it.

So I settled down on the couch with my roommate and roll of cookie dough and our journey began. I noticed first off how many men there were. I rarely saw a girl come up on the screen. We didn’t talk to anyone for the first few minutes and just immediately nexted for fear of seeing something that we didn’t want to see.

Finally though, our sugar high kicked in (from the cookie dough) and we decided to be brave and talk to people. Most people that we talked to were foreign, commonly from Venezuela, Brazil, and Italy. We played a few games of tic tac toe with people because you can use the mouse to write on the screen. Turns out people from Venezuela cheat at tic tac toe though, so watch out for them.

We talked to one guy from Brazil for quite a long time, relatively, and we interviewed him about chatroulette. He said that he goes on at night when he can’t sleep. I told him my hesitations with the site as it is know for nudity and creepy people. He told me about the new safety features which filters (or at least tries to) out nudity if you prefer not to see it. I was very thankful for this helpful tip and quickly switched over my  safety preferences, which seem to function very well.

Overall, my experience with Chatroulette was much more enjoyable than I anticipated it to be. I do not think I will use the site again, however, it was interesting to experience.



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