I chose to visit Chatrouletee, and after doing so I wish I would have chosen a different site. Prior to visiting the site, the only things I had heard about the site was what my little brother and his friends who are in high school told me. They would either tell me the vulgar things they would experience while on the site or  claim they just were chatting with a celebrity. After hearing their stories I was somewhat scared to check out the site, and after actually doing it my intuitions were correct. I only was on the Chatroulette for a short while and I found it to be creepy. These are the reasons why parents and sites should limit some of the content, especially if the site allows kids to view it. If more parents actually knew about this website and their kids using it I can totally see how it would cause a moral panic. The site should defiantly have a rating system or something on it so that kids can chat with one another and limit the possibilities of  viewing nudity or hearing vulgar language. Overall, I thought the site was creepy.


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