I have to say me and my friends definitly experienced with chatroulette when it first came out  afew years ago. Its arguably the creepiest website on the interet and these past 5 minutes were not easy. I find myself switching from the next to the next video chat session because i would say ninety percent of the people on this site are perverts. Occasionally there seemed to be a group of friends just on the site to get a good laugh out of it, similar to how me and my friends first approached the site. Its crazy to think how its ok to just video chat any random person on the web just via this one website. There used to be so many parental controls on things like AOL or other sites that were popular when we were growing up, but now you can just be exposed to anyone in the world by tpying in a a url. I kept myself out of the eye of the camera for the most part and had my hands over my eyes to make sure it was not something disgusting. I ran into quiet a few guidos with their shirts off and sunglasses. Its actually hilarious to think people just sit on this site all day waiting for someone to chat with. It is clearly the type of website that would have parents in a panic. In terms of the discourse around moral panic, chatroullete is a clear example of it. Although some peopel may perceive chatroullete as the most threatening thing on the web, its a parents job to create boundaries for children on the internet.


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