I just to do Chatroulette because I had only been on this site once before this. I personally think Chatroulette is the exact reason why the internet is bad. Being able to video chat with anyone in the world and do anything just leaves the gates open to inappropriate and vulgar acts. These acts are the reason Parents ban internet from their children. It is openly repulsive and invading of someones space. Although people have the choice to go on this or not, it is still disgusting how people think it is funny or entertaining to show their private parts on the internet. These past five minutes were astonishing to me because of how many disgusting picture showed up each time. I would say every 3 out of 5 pictures were something inappropriate.
My experience directly connects with the moral panics from people with this site. It is morally wrong and disturbing. I completely understand why their is such a controversy over if this site should be banned. I do believe it should be banned but in todays time the internet is a free site where people can make whatever websites they want. There are more repulsive sites out there but this is a pretty bad one.


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