Technopanics: I-Dosing Videos

There were quite a few I-Dosing related videos that I was able to find on YouTube. I-Dosing is music that was put on the web, that when participants listened to the content believed that they were getting “high” and having a similiar experience as if they were on drugs. I listened to one example of this I-Dosing type music and also watched many videos that were either describing individuals exerpiences that they had or different news stations voicing concerns about I-Dosing.

Now, I will admit I had never heard of this phenomenom until it was briefly mentioned in discussion and then I took the time to look into it a bit myself. After the little amount of research I did into this though, I have to think that there is really no way that it is possible and that individuals who claim that it is are just making themselves think that they are high when they really are not. (I think something about the placebo effect was mentioned in another blog post concerning I-dosing).

Before there was any research done on I-Dosing I could see why there would be unrest among parents and teachers regarding students using this method as a replacement for drugs. To me I do not know if I would use wording as strong as that it would cause a moral panic, but I could definitely see how it would be a cause for major concerns.


One Comment on “Technopanics: I-Dosing Videos”

  1. sampanitch says:

    I really liked the way that you described the people that are using I-Dosing thinking that they are getting “high” from it because of the palcebo effect. This was also the first thing that I thought of as I was going through and looking at all of the different I-Dosing videos and different responses to them. I don’t believe that these kids are actually getting a high from listening to these different music soundtracks and I think that the placebo effect is the perfect explination as to why they might think differently and believe that it may be working.

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