I chose to do ChatRoulette because believe it or not, I had never been on the website before, only heard many things about it. I have to say that it both was and was not what I had expected. If we’re being honest, of course I had heard that all I was going to see was nudity! But this wasn’t entirely the case. There was definitely some of this going on, but there were also just a lot of people just hanging out and trying to find someone cool to chat with. I was really surprised by how fast people could “next” you! I couldn’t get my webcam set up right for some reason, which probably kind of detracted from the experience, but it was still super interesting to see all of the other people on it. I can for sure see why some people, especially parents would “panic” about this new phenomena at first…it’s something that I would be concerned knowing that it was out there and my children had access to it, especially since when you hit the “next” button there is absolutely no way of predicting what you are going to see next. At the same time though, I really don’t think it’s something to go completely crazy about. If your kids have access to the internet, they’re able to get ahold of stuff that’s a lot worse than what they’re going to see on ChatRoulette. Just being honest. As far as I know of, there’s no way to really like “friend” anyone on here so they’re not going to keep coming back and talking to the same person each time and developing a relationship with some stranger. You don’t have to put in any personal information if you don’t want to, so I don’t see it as being THAT much of a big deal. That being said, of course you don’t want your super young children seeing nudity, etc. The fact that you can talk, draw, and IM also does add to what they might be exposed to. It was really interesting to see the wide variety of people (and places) that were represented. I was shocked with how young (and old) some of the people I came across were. Also just in general it amazes me how many people all over the world waste their nights on kind of a pointless website like this. Although it is fun, funny, and a great distraction, I think there’s a lot better things to do on the internet. Also even though I kind of was expecting it, there were so many more guys than there were girls on here. Towards the end my boyfriend got to asking everyone “make a funny face” and I will also attach photos of all of the lovely people and faces that we got to see!


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