Technopanic: iDosing

Hey everyone. From what I gather, “iDosing” is the act of listening to a soundtrack or watching visuals that are designed to “get you high” or “trip you out.” I can see why this could be an issue, especially for adolescents who want to see what it is like to get high or trip on shrooms. To me, this is just another fad that the kids will get over – they will eventually find another mode  of defiant euphoria (for me it was Pokemon which was banned at my school for obvious reasons). But to parents, this is a nightmare. I think the comments on these iDosing youtube videos say it all.

I watched and listened to this sample ( and the comments are mostly from kids who are sitting in school trying to “get high.”  I think the parents of these kids are panicking over the situation because they want to keep their children’s’ virgin eyes and ears safe from these “harmful drugs.” What is actually happening (in my opinion) is that people who watch these videos want so badly to be high; they experience the placebo effect meaning they experience euphoria because the feeling is being suggested, but in reality is not actually happening. Whether or not parents are aware of this, it is still a legitimate concern. Knowing your child is trying to get high…on the internet? That just sounds scary by itself, and it probably sounds even worse to a parent who is unaware of sites such as youtube which is a fount of obscene entertainment.

Final thoughts: iDosing doesn’t actually get you high. It makes other people like your parents think you are trying to get high (and maybe you do experience some euphoria by watching/listening to iDosing videos – because they are quite fun to experience) which causes anxiety for your parents, which may be exactly what you (an adolescent) are trying to achieve.


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