MySpace’s New Usage

MySpace has now coined itself as Social Entertainment. It is truly trying to embody a new reputation as being the social media resource for artists. I think MySpace is a good stepping-stone for up and coming artists to be recognized. This summer I interned at a talent agency and one of the tasks that we had to do was look through MySpace pages of musicians to see their fan count. I clicked on the MySpace music and was brought to a page that resembled the iTunes home page. On the right hand side is a list of top artists, top albums, and top videos. I chose to explore 15 established and up and coming artists for this blog post. I first checked out Lil Wayne’s and Adele’s profile pages. Both of them are established artists and both of their pages promote their music. Lil Wayne’s featured songs on his MySpace total over 500 million plays and Adele’s have over 40 million plays. Both of their pages feature photos, videos, show dates, other self-promotions, and even an US Cellular advertisement. One of the less established musician pages I went to had less than 400 total plays. While the bands page was much less developed than that of Lil Wayne’s and Adele’s, it still got the same message across. Promoting their music.

In class we spoke about how Web 2.0 is “participation, not publishing. [Web 2.0] is designed to facilitate and encourage communities of users interacting and collaborating for content production and circulation” (Kimball, 9/20/11). Artists that use MySpace, whether established or not, use this Social Media site for content production and circulation. It encourages communities of users by allowing anyone to listen to artist’s music. MySpace promotes active participation. It allows artists to display their music and allows other MySpace users to listen and participate on these artists’ pages. 


One Comment on “MySpace’s New Usage”

  1. bugjun says:

    hey I read your comment on my post and read yours.
    I do agree it did a good job on shaping it more as a social media for artists (mainly musicians) I actually learned as I explored around My Space that there are many artists who had profile pages and I was easily linked to itunes or other music web site and spaces for their music. On the other hand, by putting such cheesy about me section with horoscope and the browser page for searching people made me wonder whether it was still serving as an on-line meeting places for some people.
    I feel like (since I am a facebook user) there are more people using facebook fanpage to advertise themselves. I believe that there are much more facebook users now, it would be great place to market their music and products.
    Anyway, your post dealt with its changing of social media character in depth and it was much helpful! 🙂

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