My first experience on Second Life

After installing Second Life onto my computer, I went through a few tutorials to get a grasp on this graphical virtual world. However, even after I watched videos and studied the world, when I signed in I could not navigate the world fully. I need to have a few more practice rounds before I can actually become an avatar in this world. Once I signed up for Second Life I had to make a username, supply an email and my birthday, make a password, and answer a security question. After filling out all of this information, I was finally able to start. When I signed in, I chose my avatar. The avatar categories were animals, people, robots, monsters, and others. I chose a brown haired female because I felt this avatar looked most like me. After choosing my “virtual me,” I entered into the Second Life world. My first stop was “welcome island.” Here I was taught how to do some activities, such as walking, sitting, flying, zooming in and out, changing my view, and chatting, just to name a few. Than I chose a destination to go to. I chose a destination in the Newcomer category in hopes that I could learn more about the game. I was teleported to “White Tiger Help Island.” There were thirteen other avatars already there. I tried to interact with them and asked them questions. After thirty minutes or so in this destination, I gave up for the day. I definitely need to try to get a better understanding of the game.


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