JUNs on MySpace · · · · Oh! I mean My _____

Instead of just doing random MySpace pages, I searched Jun, my name, and looked at 15 MySpace profiles of Jun. There were about 500 search results, so about 500 MySpace users whose name is Jun.

I have not been on MySpace since I terminated my account in high school Junior year. I remember I  often found pervert-like middle aged men leaving comments on my MySpace page. Also, everyone in my class had some sort of competition making his/her MySpace page more bubbly, flash and extravagant. So I was excited to see what kind of changes MySpace has made, knowing that they have newly stylized their logo to My ________ from MySpace.

I was very surprised how clean, how organized those profile pages looked, because what I remember about MySpace was something close to the description of Web 1.0’s personal homepages: loud, crazy lay-outs, some nudity in profile pictures and so on.

<– This is how MySpace looks like in 2011.

Very clean and simple! Basically all the profile pages I looked at were about the same, except for their statuses, moods, gender, and age. I did not get technopanic. None of Juns put nude pictures of themselves as their profile pictures. I did not find neon yellow wall paper.

Second impression I got is its resemblance to Facebook. Having ‘stream’ and ‘music news,’ MySpace tries to differentiate itself as social media for musicians or music fans. Otherwise, I hardly found distinctive features of MySpace from Facebook.

Then I realized I went on to Mobile MySpace page!

So I took a big deep breath and got ready for real technopanic….

The basic lay-out of the profile page has not changed a bit since 2007 (when I left)! The ‘Details’ section is still tacky: especially Zodiac sign and children sections. –> This Jun doesn’t want children. Friends, their comments, and About Me sections are arranged vertically on one single page. At any rate, Some of them have wallpapers but not as flash or chaotic as how I remembered.

This time, I was surprised to see how MySpace looks as the same as MySpace in 2007.  Tackiness and cheesiness of MySpace is still there. Only thing that seems to change is their logo.

Also, here’s one last thing I want to share with my classmates.  When I tried to search Jun, I accidentally went on to MySpace Browse page. Even though MySpace claims to be a social media for music fans, its browse page looks more like an online dating services’ browse page.

↓ So many classified options you can choose!

MySpace has more characteristics of Web 1.0 and Facebook is the social media everyone uses now as of Web 2.0. Knowing such, a couple of questions came to my mine.Did Facebook entirely replace the role of MySpace? Are all the features of Facebook superior to MySpace? Is MySpace simply out-dated?  Will Facebook vanish as MySpace did? 


One Comment on “JUNs on MySpace · · · · Oh! I mean My _____”

  1. This was a very interesting blog post. I have also not been on MySpace in many years and this was a good way for me to learn about how much it has changed. I do in somewhat believe that Facebook replaced the role of MySpace. MySpace has such a negative connotation so when a new social media site became available it was inevitable that people would abandon MySpace. I think MySpace did a very smart business move by re-marketing the website as a place for musicians and other artists to showcase their talents.

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