The History of the internet

The you tube video was short and to the point. I could see it as a tad bit dry for the less interested internet browser but that would not be me. In a little over 8 minutes (run time) the video covers the way the internet came to be from 1957~2009. My particularly favorite points was were it eluded the internet to being like multiple interfaces (users) connected to one computer (severs) so that multiple people could time share the signal device. Granted Servers are many times more complex than those old large room sized computers, but the concept is exactly the same. Another favorite point of interest for me was that the internet was created as a sort of defense for communication against nuclear war. I had never known that before and I found it very interesting, but by the nature of the technology, (if one path is busy or in the case of nuclear catastrophe destroyed) , a new path is found (if at all available) and in this way the internet is very sufficient as a communication defense. Even now as China attempts to block vast amounts of content from it’s public, this function of the internet is allowing people their to access information they are not supposed to be allowed to by their governments laws. I also appreciate the videos comparison of networks to internet as those two technological aspects of computing are very interconnected, and have been advancing one another since the internet was released to the general public.

Only thing I really felt was lacking from the video was that they didn’t correct themselves about wireless transference of information, around the same time high speed internet came out; so did satellite which essentially connects to the web and allows users in rural areas to connect without hard wires, this form of receiving internet increases the web into a wireless signal in a fairly significant way in my opinion, and deserved recondition.  I will be interesting to see if new videos of this nature come out in the next few years explaining more on what we currently know as the internet as the optic frame will (hopefully) in place by then and we’ll be busy taking that for granted.


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