My Thoughts on the History of the Internet

Wow. What an amazing story; it surprises me each and every time I hear it. The technological advances made in such a short amount of time is truly mind blowing. Because of the dense content of the actual informative history, the simplicity of the youtube video really helped me understand the details. As a communications major, I am not a science whiz. So I really appreciated the simple diagrams! The narration did, however, go a little over my head because he spoke so fast.

I am still a little confused on the purpose of packet switching. The concept seems so convenient and interesting, but why is it necessary? How do the pieces never get jumbled up? This part left me confused.

The decentralization of nodes is especially interesting to me. I knew the history behind this aspect of the internet, but I did not know it was part of the development for ARPANET. I also had no idea that the first true network was for universities. I had always been told that it was for the military’s use.

In my opinion, the video could probably skip the removed connection part where technicians couldn’t get to the computers directly because they were in cooled rooms. It serves as a great comparison to the strong, efficient technology we have today but it’s almost not applicable.

Overall this was a great, concise video of the origins of the internet! I really enjoyed it and passed it on to my little brother, who loves this stuff!


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