Practicum Assignments – Section 305 (Updated 9/21)

Group 1: Online Communities (10/5)
A1: Social MOO –
A2: Virtual World – Arielle Lever
B1: Media Fandom – Bree Duros
B2: Special Interest Group – Anne Sickels

Group 2: Identity and Social Networking (10/12)
A1: Social Network Sites – Emily Hawley
A2: Personal Homepage –
B1: Microblogging – Olivia Granat
B2: Media-based Social Networking – Lindsay Donovan

Group 3: Internet Users (11/2)
A1: Senior Citizens – Lily Donnellon
A2: Minority Groups – Alyssa Arnol
B1: Social or Political Activism – Kayla Dietz
B2: Support Groups – Samantha Paniton

Group 4: Social Production (11/23)
A1: Locative Service – Jun Bae
A2: Social Review Site – Joe Goad
B1: Social News Site – Margie Papa
B2: Specialized Information Community – Brandon Bensen

Group 5: Interactive Media (11/30)
A1: Online Console Gaming – Dana Barber
A2: MMORPG – Eddie Rath
B1: Remix Production – Dan Agostinacchio
B2: Media Sharing Service – Peter Allen


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