History of the Internet

I enjoyed watching this clip because it further helped to visualize and explain the history of the internet outside of what we have learned in readings and lecture. However, I thought the video went over several of the technical terms and explanations too fast. Coming into this class I know next to nothing about the internet except for my own uses and experiences, so these processes and terms can get pretty confusing. I found the beginning of the clip to be most interesting. I never realized that the internet has such an extensive history, and that computers were even used as early as the 1950s. I can’t even fathom the idea of only being able to do one task at a time on my computer, as it was with batch processing, or having to use it in a temperature-specific room. Needless to say, I’m definitely grateful for the internet’s progression. I also thought this video nicely tied together the background of ARPANET and military usage with the history of the internet. It’s so interesting how scientific, military, and commercial approaches all came together to make up the foundation for the internet as we see it today. I thought the video provided a great, concise explanation of the TCP/IP protocol and brought us to a solid conclusion of how the internet was created.


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