Peter Charles Allen

Hey y’all!

My name’s Peter. I’m a senior here at the University and I’m doubling in Creative Writing and Media. I am a member of the executive management team at the student radiostation WSUM and host a weekly radioshow 2-4 PM on Fridays called “Sad Bastards” @ or 91.7 FM. I write for Emmie Magazine, a music rag on campus. I have also been published in the study abroad journal Souvenirs, as well as in Illumination, the undergrad Humanities journal. I play in a band called Ferdinand The Bull and we’re currently working on writing and recording our debut album, but I released a solo EP you can listen to and/or download online under the name P. C. Allen about a year ago – google Peter Allen and you’ll understand why I took a different stage name. I am also currently working on a novella for my thesis in Creative Writing about a crazy adventure of mine in Morocco that I undertook while I was studying abroad in the Netherlands. I also volunteer with True Endevours, a music promoter around town as well as run live sound at a concert venue on the East side called the Project Lodge.


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