Youtube-History of the Internet

I am stunned at how much the technology of the computer has improved over the years. I could not imagine having to store my computer in a cold room nor could I imagine only doing one thing at a time (batch processing). There was no direct connection which lead to a lot of bugs to the computer. I am OCD and virus’ are a pet peeve of mine, so I would not be able to stand having bugs interrupt and mess up my work.
Timesharing was the first time they were able to share information with multiple users. I share information with many people and could not imagine otherwise. Knowledge was only transferred by people back in the day, now I rely more on the internet for all my information and knowledge. I trust the internet more than I trust my peers. I do not have the patience to get a file verified in order to transfer it to my computer every time I needed some information for my school. I stress out when the internet is slow today I could not imagine what the internet was like before packet switching. Decentralizing the network was a very smart move incase of the situation like atomic attack as they explained. Communication changed from radio waves to networks, for long distances to be covered with little interference. I chat everyday with my cousins who live in other countries and could not imagine not being able to connect with them. Computers became transferrers of information which was key to their success. Connection was the most important of the internet. It was extremely smart for the phone companies to provide services in exchange for money to connect the computers through gateways. This is why we now pay for internet when we use it. People became dependent on computers when TCP/IP protocol merged networks. This protocol created the internet as we know today otherwise we would not all be able to connect through the internet.


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