Youtube History of the Internet

I found this video to do a good job of giving a synopsis of the Internet’s history.   It amazes me how quickly the Internet developed and grew. I cannot even  fathom using the internet for one use at a time, like it started out with batch processing, and that was only a little over 50 years ago! I constantly have several tabs open and am engaging with many sites at once.  I mean, how else am I supposed to simultaneously write this blog post and reference the youtube video?

I found it interesting to learn how the pathways and the way that information was circulated evolved over time to be much speedier and more efficient. I cannot help but find a parallel between information transfer of the body and that of the Internet.  The advent of the decentralized network was one of the most beneficial safegaurds to make sure that information remained intact and en route to where it was supposed to go. Similarly in the human body, the circulatory system has many different routes to important destinations like vital organs in case one route fails or is blocked. Additionally, the distributed network of the Internet allows long-wave transfer. In the human body, nerve transfers are advanced through nerve synapses that propagate information from one synapse to the next. This system allows for long-range messages to be transferred at high speeds. Finally , and although perhaps not the most convincing argument, entertaining none-the-less, the Internet is susceptible to viruses…as are we.

After watching this video, I am enlightened to know how the Internet evolved in such a short period of time. It leaves me to wonder just how much further it has to grow and develop. I both cannot imagine what the future holds for the impact of the Internet on humanity and culture, nor can I imagine a time without the internet.


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