YouTube clip

The youtube video “History of the Internet” gave a short and basic overview on the complex creation of the internet.  The use of graphics helped explain things further, as well as take a somewhat dull topic and make it interesting.  While the clip is only a few minutes long, it is amazing to see all the technological advances that have happened in the last 50 years.  I definitely appreciate all the complexities of the internet as I gain more understanding and knowledge of all its inner-workings.   It is hard to imagine that computers used to take up an entire room, as well as require a complex cooling system, while todays computer users are able to carry them in a backpack, and even a pocket.

It is interesting to consider the generational differences that occur with people and technology.  This timeline video better explains why older generations may be more apprehensive when interacting with computers- for when they were initially exposed, only specialists interacted with computers for scientific or military purposes.  It is also interesting to look back to what caused the initial push for the computer and internet- The Soviet launch of Sputnik.  Who would have guessed that an unmanned Soviet satellite in the 1950’s would eventually lead to Hulu, Facebook and online shopping?!


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