You Tube Video Response

I found this YouTube video, “the history of the internet” to be really informational in explaining the basic principles for the early evolution of the internet. I really like how it explained how races to have the newest technology was essentially why certain aspects of the internet were made the way they were. For example, when the U.S. feared the Soviets because they now had the capabilities of sending missiles from Cuba, scientists had to plan the internet around the threat that this could happen. They could not use radio waves because if there was an atomic bomb, the internet would be destroyed and if they did not set up the nodes in a certain way and a bomb hit an important part the whole thing would essentially be destroyed. Overall, I just thought it was really interesting that the video discussed how tensions throughout history played a key role in how the early internet was created.

I found the video easy to follow in some parts but others I found to be a bit confusing. I thought it went pretty quick when discussing packet switching. Overall I just thought it was interesting to learn more about the history of the internet because our generation has had it in some form for our whole lives. Thinking about AOL and dial-up to what the internet is like today seems like two completely different things. It just shows how fast the internet is capable of changing and evolving.



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