The History of the Internet in about 7 minutes

I think the video does a great job of explaining how the internet was created in a little over seven minuets. The animation style and voice over are pretty quick paced and efficient, having just enough personality to be enjoyable while not being distracting. The pace did go a bit fast for me, however. Abbreviations were given so  fast it was hard at times to keep track. This isn’t to say I was lost though. The readings and lectures prepared me for the info provided here, so that when RAND, CYCLADES (Which sounds like a cool name for a hitman or something), or TCP/IP came up I knew what they were. It was odd that the video described why RAND came up with a decentralized network (because of the cuban missals) and why CYCLADES came up with the faster and wider connection (limited resources), yet seemed to gloss over NPL’s brilliant idea of packet switching. Perhaps it was just a time constraint thing or the creator didn’t  have anything worth while to say about it. Even with the pacing issues, it does give a nice amount of info in a short amount of time.

As for the content itself, technological advances amaze me. There are so many different routes it could have taken, different trains of thought the creators could have had, that for it to end up like this is amazing. Is it all inevitable, or could things have been different? Perhaps I’m overdramatizing it, but the fact that I can type this in my small, smelly, insect infested apartment and it can be read by all of you in your beautiful, huge mansions is pretty unbelievable indeed.


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