History of the Internet Video

This YouTube video explained the History of Internet in a very simple manner. I have learned about this subject a few times in various classes and I have never had a full grasp on the subject. This video, or animated documentary, made it a fun and interesting way to learn about the Internet. The first thing that caught my attention was Batch Processing. I use the Internet for everything from social networking to researching scholarly articles to acquiring information about anything I would want to learn about. I am often even doing all of these tasks at the same time. So, it is very shocking that at one point the Internet was only capable of handling a single task at one time.

However, the part I found the most interesting was the 1962 discovery of the Cuban long and short-range missiles and how it was dealt with. The Americans realized that their centralized network system was at risk of breaking down during an atomic attack. In response, they built a decentralized network system so it would not be completely broken down. It was also realized that radio waves could not be used so they developed a distributed network to cover long distances and prevent interference. The creation of the decentralized network and direct waves through distributed network were a milestone that helped create later networks and lead to our modern Internet. The discovery of the missiles forced America to adapt and approve the information network system. This change helped further develop the Internet.

After watching this video it is clear that every new development of the Internet since 1957 has played an important role in the creation of our modern Internet.


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