Response to History of the Internet

My first thought about the short film, History of the Internet, was is this the same guy who does the voice for Vh1 fabulous life of? Sounds just like him. Besides thought i thought it was a really well made short documentary that explained the history of the internet in as basic language as possible. To be honest i know nothing about the history of the internet. When i think of the internet today i think of it as a playground, a guide and basically something i use multiple times a day. It was interesting to learn that these were never the original intentions of the internet. Also i was unaware how early the internet began. When the film mentions that the first users were commercial, scientific and military personnel i was surprised because their uses of the internet was so far from the type of internet I use. However it makes sense that the original use for a file sharing network would be for those three large causes. The part i liked best about the documentary was when they discusses the idea of a centralized network vs. a decentralized network and how the cuban missiles led them to create the decentralized network. When you think of how many different networks information travels through now and the amount of natural and technological disasters that occur its crazy to even imagine having one centralized network. The documentary definitely gave a good quick summary on how we got from a computer handling one task a a time to every network being compatible and interlinked.


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