Response to “History of the Internet” Youtube Video

One thing I am amazed by is how the Internet was (partially) catalyzed by the US government’s “need” to protect itself from being technologically inferior to Soviet Russia. This is phenomenal to me because it feels wrong to say that conflict generates progress or technological advancement. To me, it’s like saying we need an enemy to continually bolster our forces against so that we will be the most advanced civilization….but I digress. My point is, it is intriguing that something so powerful as the Internet, that was originally designed for commanding a government in the event of a nuclear strike, is now used by civilians for messaging each other during class and watching videos of cute cats (that’s what I do anyway…). With that in mind, it appears that we do not need conflict to perpetuate powerful ideas or products like the Internet…but this principle may not apply to all circumstances.

I think this sort of debate will be the most exciting for me throughout the semester. The technical details are cool, like packet switching, TCP/IP, etc, but the most interesting part for me is why we have the Internet for what it is today: a medium for messaging each other in class and watching videos of cats.


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