Response to History of Internet video

Watching this video was very interesting to me, because I hate to admit it, but I knew relatively nothing when it came to where the internet came from and how its history progressed. I never realized that the internet was made for use by the military, and it is just odd to think that the internet was not originally made for what myself, and many other college students use it for today. It is fascinating to think that the internet went from being used to help our military to now giving students a distraction in Facebook and making it easier for them to do research online for different school assignments (obviously there are more uses, these are just the ones that first come to mind). I am interested to look closer and see more of the progression of the uses of the internet to see how we have gotten to where we are today.

I do find some of the more technical terms that were used and the more technical processes that were described to be a little bit confusing. The idea of time sharing and how exactly the different networks communicate with one another was particularly confusing and I did not quite understand how it works after watching the video just one time.Overall though, I found this video to be a helpful supplement to both lecture and the readings- it helped tie them both together in a more simplistic manner.


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