Reaction to YouTube Video – Internet Technology


I thought this YouTube video about internet technology was super interesting. Before enrolling in the class and completing the first few assigned readings, the only information that I knew prior to watching this video was that computers were once so large that an entire room was needed to house them. What I found most interesting was that, although the internet was originally created to fulfill military purposes and needs, today’s internet users employ the World Wide Web for similar reasons. Both the 1960’s military and twenty-first century Americans sought/seek to reap the same benefits from the internet:  a fairly inexpensive connectivity between oneself and other, separate networks (i.e. friends) across the country (and world). Despite the fact that it may, perhaps, seem as though “packet switching” and today’s “internet” serve(d) different purposes, they do, in reality, achieve the same goal. The only difference between them is the social and/or cultural implication(s) attached to each one.


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