Hi Guys, I’m Sam!

Hi Guys! My name is Samantha Panitch (I usually go by Sam) and I am a senior majoring in Communication Arts. I am from the Chicago suburbs and hope to go back to the Chicago area after graduation to work at some sort of public relations type firm. I am excited to take this class and hope that it helps to broaden my horizons when it comes to different ways to use the internet (my friends think of me as VERY technically challenged).

Outside of the classroom, one of my biggest hobbies is following sports. I am a HUGE Chicago sports fan, even though we are notorious for losing, and have been since my dad starting having me watch games with me as a kid. I also love Badger football and game days here are probably my favorite days of the school year. Besides watching and following sports I am an exercise fanatic and have a new found interest in cooking as well. I haven’t quite mastered it yet, but I’ve gotten quite a few good recipes down now! I also just enjoy just spending time with all of the amazing people that I have met at Madison.


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