Thankful for multi-tasking computers

I cannot  imagine having a computer that only worked on one task at a time. It would probably be beneficial in terms of distraction in school, but I feel as though I truly can accomplish SO much more with a multi-tasking computer. Just the other day one of my roommate’s made a comment about how computers “weren’t even around in the 90’s”…what?! It amazes me how little some people know about the history of technology/computers/the internet; I think that this is partially because computers way back in the day were so secretive and like we talked about in class, were seen as a sort of specialized machine for such a long time at first. Thank goodness for all of the scientists that came up with time sharing, and the decentralized network. I personally was sort of shocked to learn that a majority of the research and advancement in this area was done by the military. I don’t quite understand the point of having an IMP as well as a mainframe; it seems to me like that makes it more complicated than it needs to be? The diagrams with the broken up sent-file packet-switching really helped me to better grasp that concept. I had never thought of a pathway literally getting congested like it had in the picture; maybe I overestimate the power of computers. It’s also still a little vague to me what exactly “distributed network” means, because of the various types we have discussed and been shown.  In general I just find it really amazing everything that can be built, improved, learned and advanced in such incredible ways. I feel that today so many people take these building blocks of the internet for granted or simply do not even know about them and if they all took a moment to try to comprehend it, I think they would really appreciate it.


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