Hi, I’m Kayla

Hi all, I’m Kayla Dietz and I’m from Reedsburg, WI which is a rural community just outside of Wisconsin Dells. I’m currently a Junior majoring in Psychology and Communications-Rhetoric, as well as an Environmental Studies certificate. I’m really excited for this class, and I’m in 272 this semester as well. Some of my favorite internet-past times include Facebook, Stumbleupon, Pandora, and more. Aside from school I enjoy pretty much any kind of movies and expanding my musical horizons. I love to experiment with new foods and cooking, any and all forms of nature, exercise and spending time with my roommates, family, and friends.


2 Comments on “Hi, I’m Kayla”

  1. kaylandietz says:

    also sorry, i’m not quite sure how to work this and my alignment is weird. if anyone knows how to fix this let me know?!

  2. Eddie Rath says:

    Hey Kayla! The alignment of the picture can be changed when you insert it into the blog post. If you can still edit your post, you can find it when you “add an image.” There should be an option for “alignment” – either left, right, top, or bottom I believe, and this will make the image hug the edge of the post while the text wraps neatly to the side of your pic. Be sure to preview before posting! Hope that helps!

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